Cloud Implementation Strategy for SnackCloud

Deloitte is assisting a snack food company in migrating their technology infrastructure to the cloud.

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Business situation
Problem statement

SnackCloud, a rapidly expanding and innovative snack food company known for its exotic flavors and sustainable practices, is embarking on a digital transformation journey. With their sights set on global market domination, they're eager to transition their technology infrastructure from on-premise data centers to the public cloud.

Business situation
Problem statement

As an emerging industry leader, SnackCloud recognizes the need for a seamless migration process and engages Deloitte to help define a cloud implementation strategy. The strategy aims to optimize costs, enhance scalability, and improve security to differentiate themselves.

The objectives of this engagement are to:

1) Define a cloud implementation strategy
2) Design resilient technology services using cloud infrastructure
3) Conduct post-implementation testing to validate reliability and resilience