XFintec Inc. Ransomware Attack

An organization has fallen victim to a ransomeware attack and requires immediate assistance.

Scenario interviews help us assess your thought process, creativity, and comfort with ambiguity. At the same time, the scenarios represent real client engagements so they allow you to gain insight into the work we do.

Business situation
Problem statement

XFintec Inc. is a mid-sized organization specializing in financial technology products. They just fell victim to a ransomware attack that encrypted critical systems and sensitive data. The CTO of XFintec Inc. has reached out to Deloitte for immediate advice in handling the incident. 

Business situation
Problem statement

Upon receiving the Chief Technology Officer's (CTO's) call, you quickly gather your team and prepare for a meeting with XFintec Inc. During the meeting, the CTO provides some essential details: 

  • The ransomware attack was discovered earlier today, and it seems to have originated from a malicious email attachment that an employee inadvertently opened. 
  • The ransomware has affected several servers and workstations across different departments. 
  • The attackers have demanded a significant ransom to provide the decryption key. 
  • The CTO is concerned about the potential data exposure, financial losses, and impact on their reputation if the incident is not handled swiftly and effectively.