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Scenario interviews help us assess your thought process, creativity, and comfort with ambiguity. At the same time, the scenarios represent real client engagements so they allow you to gain insight into the work we do.

How to use this tool:


You will be presented with an example of a real-life business situation, along with a series of questions.


Answer each question to the best of your ability, then check your work.


At any time, you can access the business situation in the upper right corner.

Please note: This is not an assessment and we do not track your responses or results. You can practice as often as you like.

Scenario completion time: 15/20 min

Practice a scenario interview

Scenario completion time: 15/20 min

Use this tool to practice your skills and help you prepare for your upcoming scenario interviews. During an actual interview, you will be given the question verbally, and will have to talk through your answer instead of having the opportunity to type any responses. This tool serves as a practice ground to help you gather your thoughts and prepare you for that setting.

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How to approach a scenario interview

In addition to learning more about a career in Risk & Financial Advisory, we encourage you to consider the following approach when tackling a scenario interview:

Tip 1

Clear thinking

Make sure you understand the scenario presented by your interviewer

Tip 2

Practical judgement

Ask clarifying questions or additional questions if you feel you need more information before responding

Tip 3

Strategic framing

Develop a logical structure and identify assumptions; take notes while the scenario is being read to help you structure your thoughts and think through how you’d like to respond

Tip 4

Summary analysis

Summarize specific issues and findings; state your assumptions and the issues presented in the scenario

Tip 5

Final recommendations

Provide your final thoughts, recommendations, and answers to the question at hand
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We don’t believe that risk is simply managed—it is confronted. In Advisory, we do not take a defensive crouch. We move forward, defining the unknowns and framing the issues before our clients encounter them. Whether the challenge is cyber, transactional, regulatory, or internal controls, we help prepare clients to preempt the threat, define what’s vital, and aggressively secure it. So that they can keep pace, get back to the business at hand— and move on what matters.

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